Technical Illustration

We appreciate that once the design is completed it needs to be manufactured but communicating the assembly and build instructions is normally left to the end of the project and is often an after thought.

We believe that it is important to understand the manufacturability of a product as early in the design process as possible thereby eliminating costly mistakes.

To accomplish this we use Solidworks Composer.

Solidworks Composer allows us to create fully associative data that ensures any amendments to the design are automatically reflected in the graphics.

Starting early in the design process allows us to identify manufacturing or assembly issues allowing the design to be corrected.

We can create high quality illustrations, photo-realistic images and interactive illustrations without waiting for a physical prototype.

We create technical communication throughout the process rather than at the end giving you the opportunity to amend the design before costly mistakes are made.

Technical communication based upon high quality graphics can also reduce translation costs. A good picture is worth a thousand words.

Let S3 Design provide you with the solution.