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Our Services

We work with you to bring your idea to life. From a 2D drawing through to a physical prototype we will provide you with the solution


A picture tells a thousand words and in Engineering terms a 2D drawing is a pre-requisite for many downstream activities including Quality control and Inspection in most organisations.

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A 3D model is probably the first time that the IDEA has evolved into a tangible product. It's an opportunity to evaluate the concept, critically examine the geometry and determine the feasibility before committing to a prototype.

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As the 3D design matures it is important for designers and engineers to understand the performance of their assemblies. We use Solidworks Motion to ensure that the designs will work and perform as expected prior to building them.

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We use the power of SOLIDWORKS Simulation software to simulate and analyse design performance. We can quickly and easily employ advanced simulation techniques to optimise the performance of the design.

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We appreciate that once the design is completed it needs to be manufactured but communicating the assembly and build instructions is normally left to the end of the project and is often an after thought.

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More often than not, new designs present unexpected problems. We use the 3D design tool to create the design. The design is analysed using the tools at our disposal and, when we are satisfied, we then commit to a prototype.

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